There are five different routes you can walk or bike to explore the past of peace. Bicycle Route: Panorama (73 km) The Lake (11.6 km) The Forest (10.5 km) The Black Stone (5.7 km) The View (10 km) To find the detailed routes and maps visit the Paths of Peace website: Paths of Peace

‘Kiriaki sto Chorio Xana’ (Sunday in the village again)

Sunday in the village again (Greek: Κυριακη στο Χωροι ξανα) is a Greek television program broadcasted on Sunday. Every Sunday the viewers get introduced to a village somewhere in Greece. Focus points of the show is the daily life and culture of the village. In the beginning of July the crew of the show was in Lechovo to film the episode. The episode shows viewers in Greece and around the world the culture and traditions of the village. Starting with …

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Paths of Peace

The hiking and cycling route “Footpaths of Peace” is found in an area with constantly changing scenery and a rich, troubled history. The area is defined by the settlements of Agrapidia, Aetos, Asprogeia, Limnochori, Lechovo, Nymfaio, Sklithro. The routes have been planned in such a way so as to pass by the most points of interest, settlements, chapels, farmland, forests, lakes, plains, rivers, viewpoints etc.

Equipment rental

Cycling and hiking equipment is available for rent at the office of the Lechovo Association “Profitis Ilias”.


Lechovo, a mountain settlement with a population of approximately 1100 inhabitants, is built at an altitude of 917 meters on the foot of Mount Vernos (Vitsiou) and at the border of the Regional Units of Florina, Kastoria and Kozani. It belongs administratively to the Prefecture of Florina and ecclesiastically to the Diocese of Kastoria. The houses build on the slopes of the mountain, the picturesque stone-paved narrow alleys that lead to the square with the traditional architectural ensemble of the …

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Distinct changes in the scenery are characterstic of the area’s nature. Dense forests and barren ridges at higer altitudes, farmland, lakes and wetland habitats at lower altitudes. The area’s scenery is comprised of conifers, broadleaf, shrubs and low-vegetation areas combined with farmland and important reed clusters around the lakes. Important forest ecosystems, comprised of beech and oak, clusters of alder, as well as mixed forests of oak, elm and fence, are found in the mountainous areas. Fed by the small …

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