The Association of Lechovo undertook the reestablishment of the library which was completely burnt down by the Germans in 1943. The library contained rich and rare material considering the standards back then, forming a collection of 5,000 books. Today, 8,000 books have been collected with rare archival material on the history of the village and the wider region. Important books English library n 2022 Profitis Ilias received a huge donation of English books. These books had to be categorised and …

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Urban school

It is a traditional building from 1900, located in Lechovo square. It was originally used as a school from 1914 until 1958 and then as a community store. The Folklore and Ethnological Museum is located in one part of the building. The Cultural Association funded the partial restoration in the 1980s and the rest of the restoration in 2005. In the lower part of the building, inside the arches are the famous traditional fountain of Lechovo. 

History of our village

The Ottoman Empire and the Macedonian Struggle In 1821 Greece revolted against the Ottoman Empire and became an independent state. Many residents from Lechovo fought for the revolutionary struggle during this revolution. Furthermore, Lechovo and its residents were involved in the Macedonian Struggle. The Macedonian Struggle, lasting from 1893 to 1908, was a series of social, political, cultural and military conflicts fought in the region of the former Ottoman Macedonia. During the struggle, Lechovo was a stronghold of Hellenism and …

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In Lechovo there are multiple sports to do. The village has a football field, where all kind of people can play football or any other sports. There is a gym, where indoor sports are played. The gym is conform with the Olympic standards and has hosted many international sport events of the Volleyball, Handball and Table Tennis Federations. As well as the Balkan Handball Games.The ‘Sports and Educational Association “Theseas” of Lechovo’ is in charge of the sport offer in …

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