History of our association


The history of the Cultural Association of Lechovo “The Prophet Elias” begins in the year 1920, when a group of educated and progressive residents of Lechovo made the decision to establish an association. This association would unite people from Lechovo everywhere to achieve its goals.


The Court of First Instance of Kastoria approved the statutes of the association in 1921, when it officially began its operation under the name “Profitis Ilias”.


In 1926, a two-story building was erected at the expense and care of the most influenceable members of the association. The building housed seven shops on the ground floor, the funeral parlor on the first floor and the library on the second floor.


The library of the Cultural Association of Lechovo was founded in 1931. It was an important and distinct intellectual center in the wider area, as it had collected a considerable number of books.


The burning of Lechovo by the German and Bulgarian troops in the summer of 1943 resulted in the total destruction of the association building. Including the valuable library that was built with great effort.

1946 – 1953

In the autumn of 1946, the damaged building was rebuilt, while in 1953 it was decided to reconstruct the library. This was supported by donations from many compatriots, various ministries, authors and publishing houses of the time. For this effort, the assistance of spiritual institutions of Cyprus as well as the newspaper “Hellenic North” from Thessaloniki should also be mentioned.


In 1956, the Cultural Association of Lechovo was awarded a gold award with a related diploma by the Rotary Club of Thessaloniki, “because of its accomplishments in national, cultural and to a great extent philanthropic work, becoming an example of virtue and benevolence”, as was written in the relevant diploma.


A few years later, in 1976, the Folklore – Ethnological Museum of Lehovo was founded on the initiative of Georgios Gorantis. The museum was moved to the back wing of the Municipal School in 1984.


In 1982, the publication of the Association’s bi-monthly newspaper entitled “Ta Nea tou Lehovo” began. The newsletter consists of cultural and social content, which today has approximately 1,000 recipients in Greece and abroad.

The celebration of “O Profitis Ilias”


Finally, in 2019, the project of hiking and cycling routes under the name “Paths of Peace” was launched.


2021 is a milestone date for our association, as it completes 100 years of existence.