About the association

The Cultural Association of Lechovo “THE PROPHET ILIAS”, was founded in 1921 and since then has been active in Lechovo, Florina. Its goal is the spiritual and moral development of the inhabitants of Lechovo, and the preservation and promotion of its traditions and culture.

The activities of the association include artistic and entertaining events, dance parties, excursions, lectures, social services, blood donation and youth exchanges in collaboration with various European countries. The association also manages a library with 8,000 books, a multipurpose room, and the Folklore and Ethnological Museum, rich in religious and historical objects. Finally, the dance department, wearing the local traditional costume, represents the association in cultural events throughout Greece and, in particular, in the local event in honour of the Prophet Elias.

Youth exchange between Lechovo and the Concentration Camp Ravensbrück
The traditionell dance department. Image: Κυριακή στο Χωριό Ξανά.