Culture of our village

Historically the residents of Lechovo have been famous stone builders. The stone builders’ past can still be seen by the roads leading throughout the village. These roads were constructed by the residents themselves and remain a beautiful sight. Even though some residents still work as stone builders, many residents have found other occupations, such as working with agriculture, livestock farming and beekeeping. One of the most famous local products of agriculture are the beans called “yiyantes” (“giants”). Besides, furniture manufacturing companies, shops, grocery stories, a guest house, cafes and restaurants can be found in the village.

Archive: Zagaridis Vassilou
Road building. Image: Κυριακή στο Χωριό Ξανά.

With its rich and long past, Lechovo has a lot of culture to offer any visitors. Traditional folk wear can be found in the local museum and a model living room with traditional tools and utensils. Many traditions are still honoured in Lechovo, such as special celebrations, holidays and customs. Often (traditional) Greek music is played in the village, on which Greek dances are carried out by the residents. Anyone can participate in these dances with a bit of practice or bravery! 

Greek dance

Except for its many traditions, Lechovo is also a place of diverse food culture. Besides being well-known for the giant beans, Lechovo takes great pride in their “pitas” (savour pies). Made from scratch, these pies can be filled with various fillings, such as cheese, pumpkin, mushrooms, spinach and much more. Making it a perfect dish for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just as a snack. However, keep in mind that the main meal is often lunch, which is also rather a social gathering or experience than just eating. Taking a long time to eat and talk to the family is essential in the culture of Lechovo. Therefore, do not panic when a lot of food is served, as it is not expected of you to finish it quickly. Instead, take your time and indulge in the food culture!

Giant beans. Image: Κυριακή στο Χωριό Ξανά.
Pita. Image: Κυριακή στο Χωριό Ξανά.

Significant for the culture of Lechovo is the shared past and the feeling of community. As a strong community, a lot is organized by the residents themselves. To help them do so, the Cultural Association of Lechovo “Profitis Ilias” was established in 1921. The association supports residents in multiple ways, protects the local culture and organizes extended activities. The library and the local museum are both run by the association, guarding the historical memory of the village.

Furthermore, festivities such as the annual Carnaval celebration and the cultural festival are organized by Profits Ilias. Also, intercultural exchanges are managed by the foundation, and multiple projects are carried out by them. The most recent of these projects is the “Paths Of Peace”. The Paths of Peace is a hiking and cycling trail in the surroundings of Lechovo. The trails combine the sight of nature with the dense history of the area. Multiple routes lead through breathtaking natural landscaped, with astonishing views of the mountains, the nearby lakes and picturesque villages. Along the way, informational signs can be found, where more details about the visited place and its memory can be obtained.