‘Kiriaki sto Chorio Xana’ (Sunday in the village again)

Image from Ertflix: https://www.ertflix.gr/vod/vod.227480-kuriake-sto-khorio-xana-30.

Sunday in the village again (Greek: Κυριακη στο Χωροι ξανα) is a Greek television program broadcasted on Sunday. Every Sunday the viewers get introduced to a village somewhere in Greece. Focus points of the show is the daily life and culture of the village. In the beginning of July the crew of the show was in Lechovo to film the episode. The episode shows viewers in Greece and around the world the culture and traditions of the village. Starting with traditional dancing and music, which also have a lot of historical importance. The many dishes and food of Lechovo are shown. More about the history and the daily life in the village is told. We see traditional crafts and the traditional way of making the streets, that Lechovo is so known for, is shown. Throughout the show beautiful shots of nature and the village can be seen.

The episode can be watched on Ertflix: https://www.ertflix.gr/vod/vod.227480-kuriake-sto-khorio-xana-30