Lechovo, a mountain settlement with a population of approximately 1100 inhabitants, is built at an altitude of 917 meters on the foot of Mount Vernos (Vitsiou) and at the border of the Regional Units of Florina, Kastoria and Kozani. It belongs administratively to the Prefecture of Florina and ecclesiastically to the Diocese of Kastoria.

A cradle of culture and history, Lechovo is a member of the “Network of Martyr Towns and Villages” (it was burned to the ground on 23-26 July 1943) and has long been known as a craftsman’s village. It is a modern, developing tourist resort of the Municipality of Amyntaio that combines nature, tradition and is an ideal destination for all seasons of the year.

The identity of the historical settlement of Lechovo becomes apparent to the visitor from the very first images they will see upon entering the settlement. It is green, picturesque, stone-built, stately, with respect for its tradition and history.

A place with priceless flora and fauna, surrounded by beech, oak and black pine forests, with hiking paths of unique beauty.

The houses build on the slopes of the mountain, the picturesque stone-paved narrow alleys that lead to the square with the traditional architectural ensemble of the Municipal School and the centuries-old plane tree, the Folklore Museum, the stone-built fountains with gushing crystal waters, leave the traveler to admire nature and the traditional elements of the settlement.

stoned paved alley
main street
the stone-build fountain

The language idiom, the sound of the clarinet, the dances, the flavors and also the daily way of life, remain living carriers of a history and a culture that offered so much to our country.