History of our village

Monument in rememberance of the Macedonian Struggle at the Church St. Minas

The Ottoman Empire and the Macedonian Struggle

In 1821 Greece revolted against the Ottoman Empire and became an independent state. Many residents from Lechovo fought for the revolutionary struggle during this revolution. Furthermore, Lechovo and its residents were involved in the Macedonian Struggle. The Macedonian Struggle, lasting from 1893 to 1908, was a series of social, political, cultural and military conflicts fought in the region of the former Ottoman Macedonia. During the struggle, Lechovo was a stronghold of Hellenism and was considered as both a base and shelter for Greek fighters. Many fighters found a hideout in Lechovo, which helped them survive the war. However, on the 5th of November, 1905 during a battle with the Turkish army, captain Liapis and seven guerrillas were killed in Lechovo. In the courtyard of the St. Minas Church, a monument has been erected to honour the combatants of Lechovo that died during the Macedonian Struggle.


The Second World War

Within the Second World War, Lechovo also became a place of fighting. As part of the Battle of Klisoura, one of the last battles against the invading Nazi-Germany Wehrmacht armies, fighting took place in Lechovo on the 13th of April, 1941 between Greek and Nazi-Germany troops. In this battle, 50 Greek officers and soldiers were killed. Next to the Prophet Elias Chapel at the village entrance, a monument can be found that commemorates these fallen soldiers.

Monument in commemoration of the fallen soldiers

The Nazi Occupation

During the Nazi occupation, the population of Lechovo and Greek guerrilla fighters participated in active resistance against the occupation. To stop the nationwide resistance, which was especially strong in the more mountainous parts of Greece, the Nazis ordered a decree of retaliation. As part of this retaliation policy, Lechovo was plundered and burned down from the 23rd to the 26th of July in 1943. Among the buildings burned down was the village library, founded in 1927 and containing 5,000 books. Nowadays, the library is rebuilt and back in use. Because of these events, Lechovo was later declared a martyr village under the Presidential Decree 398/98. A monument was build in the village square to commemorate these events and the residents that died during the Second World War.

Monument in rememberance of the residents that dies during the Second World War