Good bye to our volunteers

Hello Lechovo!
Last year I introduced myself as Dee, now with this letter I will say goodbye to you as Doula. Over the past year I have lived and worked in your beautiful village. Living in Lechovo was an amazing experience, thanks to all of you who were so welcoming and friendly to me. I enjoyed getting to know so many of you and talking to you. Most of you must have seen me during the cultural events organised by Profitis Ilias, or during other activities I did here. As part of my projects I categorised the English library of the organisation, digitalised the museum, assisted in the development on a website for Lechovo, which hopefully will be online soon, and did many other things. My Greek is still far away from being perfect, but I’m happy to say I can converse a bit and enjoyed talking Greek to you. Unfortunately my project has come to an end now and I will leave Lechovo the beginning of March. I will miss Lechovo and you all a lot and hope to be able to come back again!

Sincerely yours,

Hello everyone.

Sadly, I also have to say goodbye to Lechovo now. For personal reasons, I can not stay as long as I intended to. But still, I am incredibly thankful for the past six month I could spend in your amazing village. It was a challenging but exiting time and I have always felt warmly welcomed and supported by everyone I met. Your hostility is impressive and I am sure there is no community like the one in Lechovo. I loved being part of that, the celebrations, going on a trip to Trikala, having coffee together, going on walks and helping each other out. I enjoyed working for the cultural association, collecting information about the big history and culture of Lechovo for the website helping some of the grandmas at home, hear their stories and have coffee (again). Lechovo, the small stone build roads, the nature around, its culture and its people are truly beautiful and I am going to miss all of it a lot. I will definitely try to come and visit again in summer (because how else should I survive without freddo espresso, pita and greek feta?).

Best wishes.