In Lechovo there are multiple sports to do. The village has a football field, where all kind of people can play football or any other sports. There is a gym, where indoor sports are played. The gym is conform with the Olympic standards and has hosted many international sport events of the Volleyball, Handball and Table Tennis Federations. As well as the Balkan Handball Games.
The ‘Sports and Educational Association “Theseas” of Lechovo’ is in charge of the sport offer in the village. The association was founded in 1926 and named after the nickname of Captain Theseus, a captain from Lechovo who fought in the Macedonian Struggle. The association used to offer football, but now mainly offers handball trainings.
In 1943 parts of the village were burned down by the Nazi occupation forces. This together with the difficult post-war period made that there was a period of inactivity of Theseas. Then in 1964 it was re-established as a football club. And since the 90s the association also offered handball again. Theseas remained to be the only sport association and club in Lechovo.
The football club is the oldest part of the association, but is currently inactive. It operated since 1964 and has successfully participated in the A’ division championship of E.P.S. Florinas. The club colours were blue and orange and the most famous ex-player is the football player Dimitris Nolis.
The handball club of Lechovo has multiple teams, depending on age and gender. The teams train multiple times a week and also participate in competitions. The handball trainings and games take place in the gym. Handball as a sport is widespread in Western Macedonia and therefore is quite popular under the people who play it in Lechovo. Especially the men’s team used to be very popular, in 2006 it won the regional championship and moved to the 2nd National League. In 2006-2007 the men’s team participated in the 2nd National League, but ended last. The teenage team managed to reach the final phase of the Panhellenic Championship in 2009. Where they finished in 8th place.
Recently a sport class for the women of the village was also started. These classes take place twice a week and offer a variety of sports. Both the handball and women trainings are offered by the coach Panagiotis Papazisis. The goal of the sport association is to offer sports to the people of Lechovo.