Paths of Peace

Explore the beautiful nature around on the Paths of Peace.

Village life

The Cultural Association of Lechovo “O Profitis Ilias” has a strong presence in the cultural events of the region and organizes cultural events throughout the year. It also manages a library, the Folklore Museum and the traditional dance department.

The community center

The Citizens’ Service Centre in Lechovo (KEP) – contact point of public services with citizens


a modern, developing tourist resort of the Municipality of Amyntaio that combines nature, tradition and is an ideal destination for all seasons of the year

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Map of Lechovo

This map of Lechovo shows the highlights of the village. Different colours correspondent with various aspects of the village. Orange are the cultural sight, black marks the monuments, blue are the churches and gastronomical spots are purple of colour. By zooming in and clocking on the marked places more information can be found, along with a picture. Therefore, making it easy to find out more about the village.

Blog and News:

  • Routes

    There are five different routes you can walk or bike to explore the past of peace. Bicycle Route: Panorama (73 km) The Lake (11.6 km) The Forest (10.5 km) The Black Stone (5.7 km) The View (10 km) To find the detailed routes and maps visit the Paths of Peace website: Paths of Peace

  • ‘Kiriaki sto Chorio Xana’ (Sunday in the village again)

    ‘Kiriaki sto Chorio Xana’ (Sunday in the village again)

    Sunday in the village again (Greek: Κυριακη στο Χωροι ξανα) is a Greek television program broadcasted on Sunday. Every Sunday the viewers get introduced to a village somewhere in Greece. Focus points of the show is the daily life and culture of the village. In the beginning of July the crew of the show was in Lechovo to film the episode. The episode shows viewers in Greece and around the world the culture and traditions of the village. Starting with …

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  • Good bye to our volunteers

    Good bye to our volunteers